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Francesco is a 23-year-old Italian musician. Since he was 7, he has had an incredible passion for music, especially composition. He played the piano for 12 years, receiving 9.6 in solfamization, 8.0 in choir as a bass and 8.5 in the 5th Level Execution at the piano, he was choosen to play at the Republic Concert, performing 2 pieces from Children's Corner of C.Debussy. He had the opportunity to meet maestro Uberto Pieroni, now Professor of Theory, Solfamization and Musical Dictation at the Base Corses of the "Achille Peri" Conservatory in Reggio Emilia, responsible of the Computer Laboratory and Teacher of Technical Registration at the same Institute. For several years he played the organ in some churches, he's enroled at "Achille Peri Conservatory" majoring composition. At the same time he has enroled at the University majoring Mechanic-Electronic engineering. He has played for 1 year in the Goodbye Seventies band as a keyboarder.

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